The Sound Heard Around The World

"Despite last year’s closing of global-music venue Hot House, Chicago’s eastern-loving club patrons have had reason to celebrate of late. In addition to the strong offerings of the Bombay Beatbox crew, DJ Jimmy Singh’s Bhangratheque nights have found soil to grow at venues like Smart Bar and Sonotheque—where tonight he’s joined by fellow worldly music impresario DJ RedLox. RedLox is no stranger to any global music scene, with his long-running reggae nights at Lava, Darkroom and various other guest spots that highlight his affinity for blending globally disparaging sounds into a cohesive and danceable rhythm. Tonight, expect an interesting juxtaposition of old world and new as the expertly mixed sounds of Punjabi roots, hip-hop, reggae and house fill Sonotheque’s sleek interior."- by Duke Shin, New City

“For all my non-Indian brethren, this Friday Indians here and all around the world celebrate Diwali , our culture’s most important holiday and national festival. Known as “the festival of lights”, it’s a time of spiritual rejuvenation and unabashed revelry. And we are celebrating this most auspicious day with a Diwali party at The Victor Hotel. Jimmy Singh and DJ Red Lox will provide the best bhangra, reggae, and International dance music all night. DJ Spre spins hip-hop and soul in the back. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and drink specials. Other attractions includes a henna station, fireworks, and more. GFP embraces celebration and revelry worldwide and from all cultures, do you?”

NBC Channel 5 Chicago, NBC Street Team

“The rhythms of South Asia have quietly percolated in parts of Chicago for many years. But as subcontinental culture has flowed more steadily into the mainstream (think the 2004 movie "Bride & Prejudice"), so too has its vibrant music into Chicago nightclubs -- where bhangra and Bollywood dance nights are bubbling up nearly every weekend. In addition to the long-running monthly Mag Mahal night at Sayat Nova, led by DJ Sunny Singh, you can find Jimmy Singh (no relation) along with DJ Redlox regularly spinning bhangra and Bollywood tunes at downtown and North Side nightclubs that include Entourage, Club Mix and Spot 6. And most recently, River North's upscale Vermilion Restaurant opened its Bollywood lounge, where once a month it hosts a lavish Bollywood party with a fresh theme each time.”

By Monica Eng, Tribune staff reporte, Chicago Tribune

“Venerable live-reggae venues like The Wild Hare and Exedus II can be a gamble, depending on the act. Where can you find a consistently great reggae scene? Anywhere DJ Redlox spins is sure to have an authentic Jamaican house party feel. After eight years spinning at the old Lava Lounge in Wicker Park, Redlox, so named for his long red dreads, has a devoted following, from Rastafarians to college kids. Check the Web site for his latest gigs, or on Thursdays stop by Darkroom (2210 W. Chicago Ave.; 773-276-1411) and listen to the way he plays cutting-edge reggae and Jamaican classics, tweaking the tempo and tone depending on the crowd's mood, and adding hip-hop, Indian, Arabic, and world music.”  - By Noah Isackson and Sarah Preston,

"DJ RedLox aka Siri Adi Singh is a world-class DJ, and a longtime Kundalini yogi. Cutting a striking figure with his Sikh turban, red beard, and kingly stature, RedLox deejays magical sets around town. Global Meltdown showcases the art of reggae-flavored mixing. A RedLox set can move anywhere between classic tracks, such as Bob Marley, Ben E. King, and Michael Jackson through current pop remixes, Indian Bollywood soundtrack, and everything in between. RedLox crafts it all seamlessly, Jamaican style, with bells, whistles, and soul. This is a fun way to channel RedLox’s live set, great to dance to and feel good. I love this mix. Oh yes, you can also find RedLox at his Kundalini based yoga studio, Sat Nam Yoga Chicago, in the West Loop ("

Debi Winston Buzil, Yoga Chicago

“Some folks just can't handle the womp. I thought it was great. I especially enjoyed their take on classics that they dubbed out and made their own. They did a dope riff on Peter Tosh's "Legalize It," which included a nod to Musical Youth's "Pass the Dutchie" ("How does it feel when you got no herb?") and another on Bob Marley's "Sun Is Shining" ( "To the rescue, here I am!"). To the relief of many, the set ended just after 9:30, and the squares could breath a little easier”

by Lindol French, Sacramento Press

"You’ll get three things out of Reggae Gold:

  1. Dance after-effects like sweat, a scratchy throat from singing-along, sore feet, smiles 
  2. A spin on the dance floor with a nice young gentleman or lady (but watch out for the overly insistent ones…)
  3. A few frosty Red Stripes and/or rum punches for around a five-spot each.
  4. And if you’re really lucky some authentic Jamaican food – jerk, beef patties, you name it – from the truck parked just outside.

None of this would be possible without the music, curated lovingly by DJ Papa G and DJ Redlox, the high priests of Reggae Gold. They drop the classic hits from Robert Nesta Marley and Buju Banton, mix in the new leaders of the genre (including some with the family name Marley), with a sprinkle of reggaeton just to keep it interesting. If you find me on the dance floor, I’ll be saying “Oh, I love this song” about 50 times in one evening." - Sarahlynn Pablo, Writer

“3 stars for old LAVA. The one with the pool table in the back and pay phone. A couple other old memories....Dj Red Lox, reggae night, old school hip hop night, DJ booth at front door, clock about front door set 30 mins ahead, broke down booths that were fun to make out in, basement with jenky staircase, red and black ladies room with tub covered as a black furry bench (also fun place to make out), shady neighborhood, bad-ass bartenders. New LAVA gets 1 star for mega-lameness!!!! None of the old feeling remains. Shame on you LAVA. You and Borderline can both hang your heads in complete and utter shame. LAVA even has the nerve to keep it's own name. At least Borderline had the good sense to change it's name. It's like getting married and keeping your previous ex-husbands' name.”

Laura P., Yelp